The fresh new OLS quotes into subsample come into line to the complete attempt rates presented inside the Table 2

The fresh new OLS quotes into subsample come into line to the complete attempt rates presented inside the Table 2

We estimate Eq. (1) by replacing Dij (Bij) with three different sets of dowry and bride price paid to others (i.e., \( \overlinej>> \) and \( \overlinej>> \) , \( \overline> \) and \( \overline> \) , or the community-based dowry and bride price), and three sets of reduced-form estimation results are presented in Table 4. Each panel presents estimation results of a reduced-form regression with a different set of dowry and bride price paid to others. To be comparable with Panel A, the OLS estimation results with women who have at least one brother and one sister are presented in Appendix Table 8. The reduced-form estimation results support the main OLS estimation results shown in Table 2. That is, women enjoy higher status in the ily that tends to exchange higher dowries and when they come from a higher-dowry village, whereas a larger bride price is negatively associated with these same traits. Here, the amount of bride price paid to the wife’s sisters by their in-laws is significantly negatively associated with the wife’s autonomy. The third set, i.e., the community-based dowry and bride price, does not show any significant association with women’s status. This is likely because relatively weaker association between the community-based dowry (bride price) and the personal dowry (bride price) that the bride receives from her parents (in-laws) than other two sets. The estimates for other coefficients are not inconsistent with those shown in Table 2 and are available upon request.

Desk 4 Association between dowry/fiance rates (paid off from the from inside the-regulations away from sisters, someone else throughout the town and area) and you may wife’s position regarding the marital household (OLS)

4.step 3 Dialogue and you can robustness checks

Inside the deciding the brand new ladies condition regarding marital domestic, the outcome of your own websites dowry (dowry without bride rates) could possibly get matter. Remember that the amount of deferred mehr is included on their own away from the internet dowry because former is never paid off except if divorce proceedings occurs and cannot be considered assets delivered to your relationships. The outcomes advise that the assets put into the ount) augment her decision-while making strength and autonomy. This type of positive contacts commonly shocking given that new relationships off bride to be price repaid in the course of relationship work on counter so you’re able to that from dowry in the primary estimations.

Perhaps, an elevated many years otherwise degree differences you are going to weaken the fresh wife’s standing from the relationship home. And ages distinction and degree difference (replacing this new partner’s years and you may degree) doesn’t change the fundamental effects, in addition to coefficients of those parameters aren’t extreme (Appendix Dining table 9, Panel B).

This new estimation procedure are constant from the replacement dowry and you will bride rate that have internet dowry (Appendix Table nine, Committee An effective)

You to might argue that just how many decades because the wedding are important since the end result of dowry (otherwise bride to be speed) could be greater after relationships. Together with years as ount from dowry (replacing woman’s age from the marriage) magnifies the base aftereffect of dowry from inside the ladies flexibility but minimizes their magnitude together with benefits level within the ladies decision-making (Appendix Dining table 9, Committee C). This simply means you to definitely a bigger dowry escalates the wife’s freedom in the new marital home immediately after marriage; not, brand new association is not somewhat affected by the newest passage of ages once the relationship.

No way of measuring gender ideology is included however estimation due to endogeneity issues. You to might believe inclusion of these actions get undermine this new relationship between dowry and you can women’s condition from the relationship house. Although we dont deny the possibility that tastes and ideological opinions in regards to the gender relations are not intrinsic and alter along the relationship existence, the brand new estimation procedure is actually frequent by along with several steps getting young buck preference: the initial varying equals one in the event the wife’s most readily useful amount of sons are higher than regarding daughters while the next means that if the wife really wants to give degree to help you sons unlike so you can daughters. Dealing with getting gender ideology will not drastically affect the main estimate results (Appendix Dining table nine, Committee D). Surprisingly, ladies decision-making try absolutely of the child preference. Although not, Evlilik iГ§in Filipinli kadД±n it is adversely regarding the taste having getting degree in order to sons as compared with daughters. A prospective translation is the fact very knowledgeable women tends to be up against gender inequality within the studies and get a whole lot more empowered from the relationship home however, like that have even more sons than simply daughters. That it seems consistent with certain existing training appearing one young buck taste is much more common among very educated women instead of uneducated female in Southern Asia (Das Gupta 1987; Muhuri and Preston 1991).

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